Polymer Preparation System Introduction

A polymer preparation system is equipment used for the preparation of working solutions or stock solutions of synthetic flocculants. These systems are available for a wide range of applications and from various manufacturers.


There are several types of polymer preparation systems designed to handle a variety of applications including, wastewater and sludge treatment, paper production, drinking water and industrial water treatment, brine treatment and ore enrichment. However, the two common types include liquid polymer preparation systems and solid polymer preparation systems.

Liquid Polymer Preparation System

These types of systems are designed to produce a precise, uniform and fully activated solution. They use a highly efficient two-stage activation system to achieve this. They are also designed to gently handle liquid polymers without exposing the fragile polymer chains to damaging energy, while delivering a high level of mixing efficiency. They are designed to ensure that polymer short-circuiting or under-processed/over-processed polymers cannot be produced.

Other liquid polymer preparation systems are pre-engineered with intuitive controls. They are designs as an in-line unit and can be customized to suit most liquid polymer applications utilizing progressive cavity pump technologies or diaphragm pump technologies. These sophisticated systems offer a unique mixing regime that delivers highly activated polymer solutions to any application with the greatest possible performance.      

Other systems are designed as polymer mixing systems for the wastewater and water applications. They are designed to meet liquid polymer applications that utilize tubing pump technologies. These types of systems have unique mixing chambers that allow for total make-down of the diluted or neat polymer to guarantee a problem-free injection. They use unique injection check valves that can be easily accessed for cleaning. Additionally, they are designed to maintain the required concentration based on primary and secondary dilution water flow.

Dry Polymer Preparation Systems

A dry polymer preparation system uses a continuous flow mode with several cylindrical storage tanks to process powdered polymers into ready-to-use polymer solutions. The continuous flow mode of these systems allow for the batching of flocculation aids for the preparation of ready to use polymer solutions as well as liquid and powdered polymers can be processed in this way. They also come with hydraulically connected storage tanks through overflow channels. They are extremely robust due to the cylindrical form of the tanks and integrated and intelligent control features that make the systems highly cost-effective. Most of these systems are fully assembled and they are ready for installation and immediate operation.


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