Metering Skid and Systems Introduction

A metering skid refers to a fabricated frame of beams on which a meter runs, in some instances the meter proving loop and ancillary control units, batteries, control valves, transmitters and other equipment as required are installed. In most cases, the metering skid is referred to as a custody transfer meter. It is mostly used to determine the monetary calculations of the fluid that is being pumped.

Precise measurement of oil, alternative fuels, liquefied natural gas, gaseous products, chemical solutions and other fluids during custody transfer is important to the process. Variations in things like temperatures are commonly known to lead to changes in density, which if not monitored and adjusted during the measuring process can result in huge monetary losses in time for both the buyer and the seller. Metering skid & systems are thus designed to assist in the precise measurement of such fluids during custody transfer.

Common Applications

Metering skid & systems are designed to offer solutions in a wide range of applications. The most common application is in providing solutions in custody transfer systems for LPG, crude oil, bio-fuels and other types of petroleum products. Another application is in providing industrial solutions for integrated fluid blending and metering systems. They are also used in the loading and unloading of tank railcars and tank trucks, and trans-loading operations for truck rail, barge and tank transfers. Another use is in diesel and gasoline pipeline terminal truck loading and blending systems.

Types of Metering Skid & Systems

Metering skid and systems are available in a variety of configurations to suit various applications and environments. Since custody transfer is one of the more crucial applications for flow measurements, the type of metering skid & system depends on the type of flow measurement technology used for the custody transfer application.

  • Differential pressure flow meters are employed in custody transfer of gases and liquids to measure the flow of fluids, gasses and steam.
  • Turbine flow meters on the other hand come in many configurations for a wide range of applications and environments. They are however mostly used when measuring clean, steady and high-speed flows of low-viscosity fluids.   
  • Positive displacement flow meters are highly accurate and widely employed for custody transfer for industrial and commercial water. They can also be used for custody transfer of other liquids, and they are particularly effective when measuring highly viscous flows. They are favored because they can capture flows in a container of known volume without the need for measuring flow speed.       

Chemical Injection Skid

Stainless-Steel-Chemical-Injection-SkidA chemical injection skid is a device or equipment used along with pumping systems to inject chemical into the stream at precise flow rates and preset pressures. The equipment consists of a pump, a tank strainer, a calibration gauge, a pulsation dampener, pressure gauges, and other flow rates indicators. The material used for constructing a chemical injection skid depends on the chemical that is being used.


pH Adjustment System

Double-Tank-pH-Adjutment-SkidA pH adjustment system is an equipment used in the treatment of acidic or basic wastewater by adjusting the pH to a neutral range. pH is a measurement of the quantity of hydrogen ions that are present in a sample of water. The adjustment of pH values can be achieved using a measurement probe, a digital controller, or a signal-boosting pre-amplifier.


Polymer Preparation System

Polymer-Preparation-Skid-with-topperA polymer preparation system is equipment used for the preparation of working solutions or stock solutions of synthetic flocculants. These systems are available for a wide range of applications and from various manufacturers. There are several types of polymer preparation systems designed to handle a variety of applications including...