Vertical Pump Introduction

A vertical pump is a versatile pump that is typically used to move liquids upwards at a moderate pressure from open bodies of liquids like rivers, oceans, lakes, tanks, sumps and cooling ponds. The vertical pump can be employed in an array of applications that include waste water sumps, and even highly specialized offshore fire fighting applications. The two major types of vertical pumps include vertical sump pumps and vertical turbine pumps.

Vertical Turbine Pump

The vertical turbine pump is a special type of centrifugal pump that is mainly designed to move water from reservoirs or wells that are located deep underground. This type of vertical pump is also referred to as a line-shaft turbine pump.

This vertical pump is normally driven by an AC electric induction motor or a diesel powered engine through a right angle drive. The end of the pump consists of one or more rotating impellers that are attached to a shaft that directs the liquid into a bowl or diffuser casing. A vertical pump with multiple-stage configurations contains several impellers on the same shaft so as to generate greater pressure that would be required for significantly deeper wells.

This type of vertical well is commonly used for agricultural or turf irrigation or to supply water to municipalities that depend on ground water instead of surface water. Additionally, this type of vertical pump is used to supply plant make-up water as well as fire water for industrial facilities.

Vertical Sump Pump

The other type of a vertical pump is the vertical sump pump. This type of pump is specially designed to offer versatile vertical pumping solutions for various residential and industrial uses. While normal sump pumps are often bulky systems that are normally permanently fitted during a building’s construction, most vertical sump pumps are portable. A vertical sump pump can be moved from one place to another and it can be employed in various applications. It can be used to empty barrels or even transfer liquid foodstuffs from one area to another. It can also be used in basement draining, water transfer and dewatering.

Vertical sump pumps are normally partially submersible pumps. This means that their impellers and some sections of their casings are located beneath the liquid to be pumped, and the power mechanism is always maintained above the liquid. They are normally designed in a way that ensures that a little bit of liquid splash will not cause any damages to the pump’s motor. This type of vertical pump is particularly ideal for corrosive substances as it is usually manufactured using material that is resistant to corrosion.


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